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Figs Bakery is a small bakery with a large selection of delicious bakes. We strive to provide the best tasting and highest quality bakes for your enjoyment.

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About Figs Bakery

Figs Bakery was started in January 2021 by Ellie, and has since grown into a local gem around the Surrey area.

Ellie has been a pastry chef for 3 years and wanted to pursue her passion outside of work, and after consolidating with Fig (the cat!) she decided to start up her own bakery. She began with the vision of wanting high quality goods, made with extremely high quality ingredients and using the best recipes for each individual bake.

Why Choose Us

Quality, straight to your door

Home made taste

Biggest problem with chain bakeries is same, boring stale quality. We create all our goods ourselves, using proven recipes to provide that home made taste.

High-quality Bakes

We cut no corners when it comes to our products. Using only the highest quality ingredients, we are able to provide you with the best quality bakes.

support local Business

We aren't a chain, we aren't a multi-million pound corporation. We are however a small local business, and by buying directly from us you support local!

Our Products

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Cookie Cups


We have a huge selection of delicious treat for everyone to enjoy. Why not come and have a look at other things we offer?

Your Local Small Business

Made with love, locally

We are a small, local business, allowing us to make sure each product sold is of absolute highest quality possible.

By shopping with us, you are supporting your local small business and allowing local businesses to flurish!

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